Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blog description

This blog is initiated by Dr. Svetlana Maslakova (Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, Charleston, OR, USA) to keep an illustrated log of field trips and laboratory observations of marine invertebrate embryos and larvae during the Spring 2010 Comparative Embryology and Larval Biology course taught at the OIMB.

We will post photographs from field trips (of habitats, people, and other animals), along with notes on which species we collected, and which of them turned out to be reproductive. We will try to keep a record of successful spawning events for each species, and post our observations on fertilization, embryonic and larval development, illustrated by microphotographs.

I expect each student to actively participate in creating the content, which will be reviewed by the instructor and TA for relevance, scientific accuracy and quality.

Other embryologists and larval biologists at the OIMB are welcome to participate!

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